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Is the Diet Solution Legit?

March 26th, 2012 by

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If you have done a reasonable search for online weight loss programs, you probably have heard of the Diet Solution. This very popular weight loss program has been touted as among the best diet programs to come around in a very long time.

When we heard about it, we wanted to take a harder look and see whether the Diet Solution was all “hype” or whether it really delivered excellent weight loss results for its users. After all, if you have tried out a few weight loss programs in the past, you may have been tricked with other miracle diets and exercise programs that have claimed any number of results.

With the help of several dozen volunteers at our gym, we decided to try the Diet Solution for ourselves and determine whether it really worked for “average” folks. We wanted to focus on simple criteria: weight loss results, inches lost around the waist, and whether it was easy to use.

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The program, created by Isabel De Los Rios, immediately offers a variety of different fat loss strategies based on the individual’s blood type. Here the red flags went up! Dieting in relation to your blood type is something we never heard about. Was it a trick? It turns out that the answer is no.

While the Diet Solution steered us in a completely different and refreshing direction, it addressed why common diets do not work for most people due to the variety of different blood types and nutritional requirements we all have. In other words, what is a “healthy” diet for one person may not necessarily be for another.

The Diet Solution takes the notion of “counting calories” and throws it out the window. It also addresses the idea that carbohydrates are not all evil, but rather very essential to the weight loss process. In fact, the program counters that many of the “healthy foods” that we eat in order to “be good and healthy,” are actually helping to keep the pounds packed on – and even leads to weight gain!

The Diet Solution offers an excellent expanded nutritional guide to get you get started with shedding of pounds, and on the right track for good. What we really liked about the Diet Solution was that it laid out a very workable long term solution to eating healthy and in a way that actually helps you lose weight and keeps the weight off! After all, this is where most of us have failed, right?

When it comes to dieting, here is what we have been used to: We lose a few pounds on a fad diet and within months we’re not only gaining back the superficial weight we lost, but we also gain even more weight!  It’s as though we take one-step forward and two-steps back! The Diet Solution offers a practical and effective way to break this depressing cycle for good.

the diet solution legit ?

Is the Diet Solution legit or not?

While The Diet Solution isn’t necessarily an exercise program, it does offer some very sound workouts to help burn off unwanted fat in the difficult areas, like our abdominals! The exercises that come along with the program, leaves “no stone unturned” and is a real added benefit.

In our analysis, participants lost on average between 11-16 lbs. of weight in the first month alone. This may seem typical for any average-to-good weight loss program, but even more weight loss was seen in the second and third months.

Since the Diet Solution didn’t pose the typical list of diet restrictions we usually see in other fad diets, we wanted to see how the participants would do in the 2 month and 3 month checkups. The results were very impressive. A majority of participants after 60 days lost anywhere from 17–31 lbs. of real weight.

We also wanted to look at the inches lost around the waist as an indicator of success. A majority of our volunteers saw a 1- 3 inch loss around the waist after 45 days!  While we know that fat loss around the waist is significant for many health and mobility reasons, our volunteers also looked and felt great too.

The Diet Solution provided real results in weight loss, but we also wanted to see how easy the program was for long periods of use. If the program was simple and easy to “stick with” then the chances of obtaining the weight loss desired would be easier to reach for most people. We were pleased by what we determined as one of the easiest programs to stick with, and so did our volunteers.

While there is no “perfect” weight loss program, the Diet Solution comes very close to one because it addresses what 99% of the other weight loss programs miss every time: your success or failure with losing real weight is closely tied to your individual needs and blood type requirements. The Diet Solution addresses every possible blood type for maximum success.

In addition, the Diet Solution has tons of great extras including a meal journal, plenty of great recipes for “fat burning” deserts and meals. To be sure, the Diet Solution is legit. It’s the real deal that could lead to significant weight loss for its users, and we couldn’t possibly feel more confident in recommending it for anyone looking to lose weight and keeping it off!

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The Diet Solution – Does it Really Work?

November 2nd, 2010 by

The Diet Solution: Does it Really Work?

I’m sure that many people out there in the world will take one look at The Diet Solution and pass it by – due to the growing rise of commercialized weight loss gimmicks.  Sadly, they will have made a mistake.  As an avid health and nutrition enthusiast, I go to great lengths to investigate any dietary regimen with as many positive results reported as this one.  I can clearly see the reason so many is succeeding with The Diet Solution.

does the diet solution work ?

Does the Diet Solution really work?

The success, in my opinion, is not attributed so much to the plan itself – but more so to the way it is presented.  The Diet Solution is more of an educational tool for the average person, rather than a traditional diet plan.  It takes all the science and breaks it down into common every day terms so that it’s not only easy to understand, but easy to relate to.  If this nutrition system were a person, I would not see them as a stuffy doctor in a lab coat beating me over the head with facts, statistics and science terms.  Rather, I would see them more as a sister, brother or friend who not only understands my needs, but also listens when I tell them about my likes and dislikes.

In a sense, The Diet Solution gives you the information you need to be successful and healthy in a world where good health can be so hard to achieve.  Between the convenience of fast food restaurants and the addictive properties of some processed foods, The Diet Solution’s easy to follow guides and informative booklets allow you to not only make delicious meals at home, but also to make healthier choices as you go along.  Given the correlation between physically healthy people and overall happiness, it’s no wonder that those who have given this system a chance are all smiles when they talk about it.  They know the secret; they know how easy it was to finally make the informed decision to become healthy.


The Diet Solution seems to have all the buzz of mass marketing; they even have a testimonial page on Facebook.  In the end however, not all fads are passing – especially when they do what they set out to do and that is to help people get healthy, and stay healthy.  The Diet Solution advertises “Stop Dieting…Start EATING…And Start Living!”  That is exactly what they appear to deliver.  The informative guide does not tell you not to eat, rather it helps you decide WHAT to eat and shows you why doing so will not only make you healthier, but happier.   No gimmicks, no tricks, just easy to understand information.  The information is presented in a straightforward manner to help you understand your needs, wants and desires without all the hard to follow scientific formulas, yet backed by all the scientific evidence.  In short it seems to work, and may lead you to weight loss success.

Abdominal Belt Scam

November 6th, 2010 by

The New Techno Class of Ab Belts Are Used By Millions, With FDA Approval

There are several ab belts that are available and popular on the market right now. They all offer abdominal results, but vary in their specifics. The draw of the belt is obvious; you put it on and go about your day. Within 30 days of just living your daily life, you have a swimsuit-ready set of fit and prominent abs like the people on television. The belts are gel padded, shaped to be comfortable and fit under most clothes easily. No one will know you are working your abs while driving the kids to school or attending a client meeting at the office. They aren’t the belts of the past that merely purported to make your stomach flatter by holding in your gut until you were strong enough to do it yourself. The new class of belts has mini-computers in them that do work the muscles and users swear by the results. They actually engage the muscles and help the user take some steps toward core fitness and strength.

For example, the Flex Belt is top of the line for these belts. It’s approved by the FDA for toning and also claims to firm and strengthen. By just putting on the comfortable belt you can work your abdominal muscles instead of working out. They claim the “medical grade” technology stimulates the nerves, contracting your stomach muscles. It is said to use all of the different abdominal muscles and work them out in 30 minutes a day. It employs the EMS muscle stimulation techniques used in physical therapy to exercise and exhaust your mid section. The stimulating nodules are covered by gel pads and flattened into an approximately 4 inch wide belt.

The Flex Belt is endorsed by athletes like Jerry Rice and advertised for busy people who have no time for all those time consuming crunches and leg lifts. If you buy today, the fancy flexing belt is only $149.99. In this genre, it is the only one actually considered a medical device (Class II), the only one offering a full 60 day guarantee and 2 year warranty.

So, the new ab belts may have some merit and some practical application. They are used by over 200 million users worldwide. The belts can have visible results on people who would like a change in their workout or a new way to challenge their already fairly fit core muscles. But when it comes down to it, they are not going to make anyone more healthy or fit. They are okay for people who really want to constantly keep their abdominals stimulated. For athletes like Jerry Rice, they can provide the last push to keep a sculpted 6 pack. For the average person seeing the advertisement on television, it will not change the way they look or their body type. Spot reducing or sculpting is not possible without a healthy, low fat diet and a full workout regimen. Even the most effective ab belts won’t produce the results pictured, or the bodies of the athlete endorsers, unless combined with diet changes and all over fat burning.

The Ab Lounge Scam

November 5th, 2010 by

Results Don’t Come From The Ab Lounge Alone

The Ab Lounge is a product made by Fitness Quest and advertised as “the ultimate abdominal machine.” It is supposed to target all of your abdominal muscles (‘abs’) with its exercise plan, while being comfortable and less likely to induce pain because it supports the head, neck and back. It comes as a package to help you lose inches off of your middle, including a workout DVD, a pull strap and 90 day warranty. The new sport version includes a “Fitness Computer” which is supposed to help motivate users while they are doing their abs workout, track workout repetitions and total calories burned.

Their claims are that this is a revolutionary workout machine that will sculpt users giving swimsuit-worthy abdominals. The materials come with a diary and suggest measuring every two weeks to track your progress. The manual does state that the abdominal workout is only one part of a whole routine of diet and exercise; including aerobic activity with a safe and healthy diet. An eating plan is part of the manual as well. Whether or not consumers read the entire manual and use all of the information in their abs sculpting plan is definitely not a guarantee, even for people who want to get results.

People who buy exercise based on infomercials are usually persuaded by the fitness experts and celebrities doing the promotion. They see the results and listen to the testimonials about people who only mention the actual abs exerciser being sold at that time. As with any impulse buy, there is always the chance it will soon be relegated to the basement or used as a clothes hanger once results are not seen pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, if people buy the abs machine after seeing all of the thin, fit actors in the infomercial, they are bound to be disappointed. No one can go from a couch spud to a ripped stud with a fancy rocking seat that uses the abdominal muscles. Everyone has to do exercise for their entire body, elevate the heart rate and develop all of the core muscles for a stable and muscular set of abs.

Diet actually plays more of a role than anything. What kind of carbohydrates and fats are consumed, salt and water intake, exercise and sleep all determine how the middle looks. Genetics also play a big role. Some people workout for hours and do thousands of crunches every day, but because of their DNA will never have a six pack. Some people stay thin with defined muscles with very little effort and are never really healthy.

The abs workout on this machine will not change the way anyone looks used in a vacuum. As part of a whole series of life changes, it may help you keep a strong core and protect your lower back if you do the entire series of exercises. It’s a fairly pricey investment and the exercise and muscle challenging could be done without the Ab Lounge. It’s not necessary to achieve abdominal fitness, and it certainly cannot guarantee those results unless many other changes are made concurrently.

Weight Loss Cleanse Scam

November 4th, 2010 by

Weight Loss Cleanses Give Temporary Changes on the Scale, Not Long Term Solutions

Weight Loss Cleanses have become the tool for people wanting to reshape their body. Celebrities show off their amazing figures, which are directly attributed to the popular cleanse of the moment. These cleanses are meant to wash toxins and fat out of your system with the use of particular ingredients for a period of time. They are usually drastically low in nutrients and calories, but promise big benefits. To get people to use a cleanse, they have to promise big rewards as the energy and mood changes that accompany them can be torturous.

Many can have severe side effects and shouldn’t be used by anyone who is pregnant or has a compromised immune system. Digestive tract disruptions of all kinds are the most typical side effect. But the benefits advertised are seemingly endless. Besides weight loss, cleanses claim that they can help users stop headaches, allergies, pain, arthritis and even mild illnesses like a cold.

The Master Cleanse is one of the most popular and extreme. It is a good example of a cleanse that many people swear by for weight loss. It dates back to the late 1970s and was originally marketed as a mainstay of personal health, accompanied by reflexology, meditation, and color therapy. The Master Cleanse, similar to most cleanses today, seek to remove the toxins from drugs, alcohol, coffee, tobacco, and processed foods.

Each day of the Master Cleanse, the dieter drinks six to twelve glasses of an interesting drink. It consists of 8 ounces of water, one-tenth of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, 2 tablespoons of maple syrup, and the juice of half of a lemon. That is the main source of sustenance for at least 10 days but can be continued for up to a month. The drink is for whenever the person feels hungry. The only other beverage allowed is a special laxative tea. Some methods will allow solid foods, while others incorporate various teas, powders and vitamins.

As anyone would expect, this is not a diet choice advocated by health professionals. It has almost no nutrients and is starving the body with far fewer calories than required to maintain a healthy system and brain function. Headaches and faint feelings are the usual daily state and many minor discomforts have been reported. It is not a viable diet for someone working in the medical profession, anyone caring for patients, children, elderly or other people with compromised medical or mental abilities. It is not meant for people making stressful decisions or operating heavy machinery, including a car or truck. The diet is only approved for people who are completely healthy, and should only be used in the short term.

For this cleanse and others, weight loss is usually the goal and it is achieved. However, as soon as the person resumes even a restricted calorie regular diet, the weight will come back. So, using weight loss cleanses is not a lifestyle choice, but a crash course for someone who needs to drop pounds quickly for a big event. They should not be followed longer than needed and for a person to return to actual food, one has to be careful, expect digestive adjustments, and plan accordingly.